Boutique Hotel Bedroom Decoration

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 - Bedroom, Furniture, Interior
Simple Boutique Hotel Bedroom Decor

What is the boutique hotel bedroom ? you can find it on previous article (read Bedroom With Boutique Hotel Style). After read about boutique hotel room, do you want to create it in your home? You can build it in your home by make the right arrangement of your bedroom furniture and decoration.

Here are the tips for Boutique Hotel Bedroom Decoration:

1 . Use good quality bedsheet
Bedsheet is not necessarily to be expensive. Look for one that suits your taste, and most importantly, do not make your skin allergies .

Wall Decor In Boutique Hotel Bedroom

If you ‘ve found a suitable bedsheet with color and design that suit your taste, now you can just look for a pillowcase with matching colors. You can choose the same color or different color but it looks harmonious. Although there are many pillow shapes, choose the matching colors.

2 . Attach the pretty and comfortable carpet
Carpet doesn’t only provide a soft touch in the feet, which makes you feel more comfortable in the room. The carpet should also contains the visual appeal in the room to makes anyone who saw it , especially you, feel memorable .

Boutique Hotel Bedoom Decoration

Colorful Furniture For Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Carpet does not need to cover the entire floor, except the damaged tiles. If the tile is still good , especially made ​​of wood, you can choose a carpet with small size and attach near the bed .

3 . Put the console table in the bedroom
Put a console table in your bedroom. Console table can be used as a work desk and decoration. Console table is almost always available in rooms of boutique hotel. So, this is also an important requirement to make your bedroom looks like a boutique hotel room.

Decoration at Boutique Hotel Room

Simple Unique Bedsheet In Boutique Hotel Bedroom

Boutique Hotel Bedroom Furniture Design Idea

Put also the chair in front of the table. Console table can also function as a work table, or a decoration. There are so many models to choose from a console table. If you are interested, you can find what model you want here.
Want to try to make your bedroom looks like a boutique hotel room? Read more about Make A Bedroom Looks Like Boutique Hotel Bedroom. Good luck .

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