Choose The Color For Bedroom

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 - Bedroom, Interior, Tips
White Paint Wall for a Bedroom

Color is the most important part when decorating a room in a house. Wrong color choice can make the occupants feel uncomfortable living in the room. In the previous article, there are some tips on using some colors for bedroom. Here are the tips on Choosing The Colors For Bedrooms in your house.


Room with white color will give the impression noticeably larger and brighter because this color reflects 80 percent of light. White can be combined with almost any existing color, but do not let the white color stands alone.

Simple Bedroom Decorating Ideas White

It will make the room look too pale. White will look more attractive when combined with other colors such as red as an accent. Or can be combined with a variety of accessories to beautify the room.


The blue color is a color with plus energy that is able to create the sleeping and calming pleasure, and also able to reduce fatigue, keep you away from the fatigue and busyness of your everyday life.

Modern minimalist Blue Bedroom Design

Blue Bedroom Interior Inspiration

This color can be used as the dominant color of the bedroom and if you want to be combined with other colors, use white or yellow color as an accent to reinforce a positive image of the blue color. See also Charming Classic Bedroom Design .


Green color is soothing, calming and gives a sense of relaxation. You can use it as the main colors for relaxed and calm impression, or combine with white as an accent color to give the impression of relief, and clean.

Green Bedroom for Children

Modern minimalist Green Bedroom Design

Avoid mixture of green with blue, because it would look “dead “. Read also Charming Classic Bedroom Design .


Yellow color has a warm impression, able to creates a warm feeling that brightens at once brings warmth into the room. However, the use of yellow color for the entire room is less suitable for the bedroom, because yellow is the color that is both a stimulant and makes the brain keep awake.

Decorating Ideas for Yellow Bedroom

Use yellow as an accent of white or blue color to reinforce the impression of the colors.

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