Decorating a House with Western Living Room Ideas

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Having a ranch house is definitely a blessing. Moreover if you make it with two floors and at the second floor you use many glass windows with wooden frame, your ranch house will become a moonlight house. When the night comes, you will be able to see the moonlight from your living room. Just imagine if you have this kind of house, your life will be so much romantic and also a bit dramatic. This type of house is best decorated with the with Western Living Room Ideas.

Western Living Room Decorating Ideas

Why does your ranch house can be good if you decorate it with the western house idea? it is because western living room ideas use wood work and also stone. Before talking about the furniture and also color theme of the room, let us talk about in which part you can add stone and wood work. Well, you can make some stone wall instead of the concreted one, this will underline the ranch nuance in the house. Then, for the flooring, it is better if you use wooden flooring. Moreover, leaving the ceiling with natural wood is also a very brilliant step to do.

The other things are about the color theme and also the furniture which will be used for your western living room. Since the house uses wood work and also the stone so much, then the best color theme you can choose is nothing more than brown. This color will go in line with the color of the wood and even the stone. Then, equip the room with wooden furniture and brown sofa. The last, don’t forget to install classic chandelier instead of other lighting type. To sweeten the room, you can add some western accessories such as the trunk as the storage.