Design and Tile of Swimming Pool

Friday, September 1st, 2017 - Exterior, Furniture, Tips
Beautiful Swimming Pool Design

Swimming pool is one part of home to make your home more beautiful and feel fresh. If you want to build a swimming pool at your home, you should also think about the design and the tile you use to build your swimming pool. If your pool design is good, it will add the beauty of your house. Before you build it, you must know about Design and Tile of Swimming Pool.


In terms of design, rectangular swimming pool is the most effective form because it can move straight in comfort and save the land. This simple form that can be explored with overflow systems , so water is not only silent but continues to flow past the lip of the pool. It looks like a water flow that produce sounds and blends with the surrounding beautiful park .

Home Swimming Pool Tile Design Idea

Elegant Indoor Swimming Pool

Space requirements for the pump and a space for the balancing tanks of water filtration will depend on pool spacious, The larger size of the pool, the larger size of the necessary instruments. See also about Form and Layout of Home Swimming Pool.

Classic Tile Design For Home Swimming Pool

Tile Installation

In order not to waste a lot of time, when the bottom construction phase is underway, deck area around the pool can also be done so that the finishing stages simultaneously. The lip of the pool can be solved by using natural stone such as temple stone or andesite with a width of about 30 cm while the deck area could use other types of natural stone such as river stone or ceramic with a rough texture.

Tropic Swimming Pool Idea

Dark Blue Home Swimming Pool Tile

Pinoch Swimming Pool Design

If the interior and exterior of the pool has been completed, the pool accessories and pool installations such as pumps, valving, water filtration and others can be applied. Take the test to the whole installation if it is working properly including electrict system. A healthy pool water should always be moving, clean, clear, and has a pH of 7.2 -7.6 and alkaline levels of 100-150 ppm. Read more about Home Swimming Pool Construction .

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