Dry Garden, Fit For Busy People

Friday, October 20th, 2017 - Exterior, Garden, Tips
Stone Decor for Minimalist Garden Pond

For you who are very busy but want to have a garden in yopur house, the dry garden is suitable for those who have a solid level of activity.

In contrast to the garden in general, dry garden composed of 80 % hardscape elements and 20 % softscape elements. This makes the comparison of dry garden is considered very fitting applied for those who have a high level of activity or less painstaking care for the plants, but wanted to bring the green elements in the home.

Dry Garden Design is also dominated by elements of natural stone, sand, and hard elements which are made ​​of cement or resin. Point of interest is not in the plant, but in forming ornaments of garden. For example, a dry garden that is equipped with waterwall, sclupture, carved walls, etc.

Beautiful Garden with Stoneways

For placement, dry garden can be placed outside, inside, or even on top of a house. In fact, this park can still be placed in a home with very minimal light intensity. However, if the condition is very minimal, the things you must pay attention is the choice of plants. See also Beautiful Home Garden Models.

Flowers Design for  Dry Garden

Dry Garden with Stone Decor

For dry park in spaces with low light intensity, you can choose Sansevieria, lily, and Begonia. While for plants for your garden if it is placed outside or on the roof of the maximum light intensity, you can choose all kinds of plants. Just according to the plant species which you want. Read also Small Water Garden .

Contemporary Garden Design with Pots

Contemporary Garden Design Ideas

Judging from the availability of land, small dry garden is not big problem. The important thing is to determine the atmosphere or character you want to display, which should be aligned with the overall concept. For example, in a modern style house, dry garden design should complement the style of the house to make the house look more beautiful. So , no matter how busy you are, your home can still be green designed right?

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