Form and Layout of Home Swimming Pool

Friday, September 1st, 2017 - Exterior, Furniture, Tips
Simple Swimming Pool Design

If you want to make a swimming pool at your home, you have to prepare enough land and not less financial, because it is quite costly investment. Because once you get a pool in your home, certainly you must take good care it. In this article, we will share about Form and Layout of Home Swimming Pool.


From its shape, there are two types of pools, a pool for recreation and a pool for sport. A pool for sport is designed like track, which is elongated and do not need the width. While a pool for recreation, could freely shape such as irregular curve. Curve or circle shape is suitable for children because the corners is not sharp, so it is safe. Besides, it can create the impression of natural, not stiff and can be aesthetically elements of the landscape (garden). But it does need more land. See also about Design and Tile of Swimming Pool.

Home Swimming Pool Layout Design Idea

Elegant Swimming Pool Idea

For home with limited land, it is better to build a pool with rectangular shape. You can see the variations in the forms pools like this in the example below:

The layout
You must be careful to make a swimming pool in the house. You must make it suitable to house design, house spacious, make the sunlight reach the pool, the location of the neighbour’s house, and the residents needs of the pool function itself.

Beautiful Home Swimming Pool

Simple Home Swimming Pool Form Idea

Pool design needs to be adjusted with the concept of the main building (house) to keep the concept of your home. The location of the swimming pool at a medium sized house, usually in the back of the house which directly adjacent to the family room.

Minimalist Swimming Pool For Family

Beautiful Home Swimming Pool Form Image

The pool at back of home is build in order to keep the privacy of the owner of the house even the pool is in an open area of the home. Even so, there are also people who build a pool in the front yard and side yard without think about the privacy of home residents.

The houses of Neighbours is also aspects that need to be considered when building a swimming pool. Do not build a pool in area where the neighbours can peek from their home.

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