House with 2 Level Floors Design

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 - Exterior, Interior
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Having a house with 2 level floors is a dream for many people. But to build that kind of home will cost extra fund. House with 2 level floors is one solution that has been used since a long time by the house developers to minimize the use of fund to build a house.

By making the house with level 2 floor, you will save your budget rather than make one floor spacious home which will surely spend a lot of money in the purchase of land for the house. See also Minimalist House Design .

The foundation house with 2 level floor is different from the foundation of the house with only one floor. The foundation of the house is the main condition that must be fulfilled to make a strong and sturdy house.

Simple Minimalist House Design

Therefore you also have to be able to adjust the foundation of house with the land where you want to build your house. It is recommended for you to discuss to people who are already experts in the field of construction before you build your house.

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Minimalist 2 Floor House Design

When you building a house with 2 level floors, you also need to think about the stairs. There are many designs of the stair. The stairs are not only used to connect different floors, but also to add aesthetic functions in a house. The appearance of functional and beautiful staircase, will add beauty to your home.

Today, there are many models of stair you can choose for your house. In term of the manufacturing materials, the staircase is made of iron or wood . Meanwhile, in term of its shape, there are the curved staircase models, floated models and the other is the model of the grand staircase.

Below you can see the staircase design with various models , you can choose what kind of stairs which fit your house design .

Contemporary Stairs Design Picture

Modern Woof Stairs Idea

Home Stairs Design Ideas

Those are the example of House With Two Level Floors Design. Hope it can help you.

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