Make a Comfortable Bathroom

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 - Bathroom, Interior, Tips
Healthy Bathroom Design Idea

Bathroom initially only for bathing, but along with the development of the times, bathroom is also used to washing hands or as a toilet or water closet even as the scrubs. Therefore , today a lot of people want to make the comfortable bathroom, easily accessible and nice views though the bathroom is not too broad. In this article there are some examples and tips to Make a Comfortable Bathroom.

After you read how to create a comfortable bathroom, then you can see various examples of models of bathroom design below. There are many other examples of bathroom design on Charming Natural Stone Bathroom Design.

Elegant Black Bathroom Design

To create a comfortable bathroom , try to follow the steps below :

1 . Pay attention on circulation in the bathroom

Air circulation in the bathroom is very important to note to make your bathroom is not stuffy. To make it, install adequate ventilation so that air traffic to the bathroom can run smoothly.

2 . Use anti-slip floor

Use materials for bathroom floor which are not slippery. Because if you slippery bathroom floor, would be very dangerous to yourself and family. Besides choosing an anti slip floor tiles, you can also use anti slip wood that is also waterproof although the price is quite expensive compared to anti slip ceramic.

Luxury Bathroom For Family

White Bathroom With Black Floor

3 . Provide storage area

Order all the equipment (soap , shampoo, etc) in a rack. If there are items which have been unable to use, throw away quickly to make bathroom is not full with things. You can also use the mirror cabinet that contains a shelf along with mirror which you can buy in stores you trust.

4 . Choose the right lighting
To make your bathroom more comfortable, proper enough lighting is needed. The sunlight makes the bathroom is not stuffy. Installation of small lights will help you go to the bathroom at night.

Comfortable Bathroom Design Image

Clean Bathroom Idea Picture

Luxury Purple Bathroom Color

5 . Use sliding door

For a small bathroom, the door will make you difficult to get out and get into the bathroom. Therefore, it is better to choose the sliding doors.

6 . Pay attention on slope of the floor

Make your bathroom floor has a minimum rate of 2% slope toward the drain to prevent it from the puddle in the bathroom.

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