Make Your Old Kitchen Looks New

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017 - Interior, Kitchen
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Tips on decorating a kitchen that contains some effective ways to make your Old Kitchen Looks New again . Kitchen decorating tips that you can apply to a variety of designs such as the kitchen space kitchen decor minimalist , modern , simple and beautiful , as well as to the interior of a kitchen with custom size kitchenette , mini kitchen and narrow .

Tips on decorating a kitchen space in your home that are discussed on this occasion more emphasis on the visual aspect , which is where some of these tips are :

Kitchen sets

kitchen sets in your old kitchen made with materials and designs are popular in the past decade , saw a variety of kitchen set that came out today with innovative design and materials to be no reason not to try it when you do kitchen decor . See also Choose Kitchen Equipment .



the kitchen is one of the elements that fill the entire room , but often forgotten . To get the new atmosphere you can try switching to a flexible material such as wood , tile , or natural stone . These materials will last longer as well as increase the value of your home . Or you can also try mensiasatinya with ceramic tile that looks like wood has become popular in recent years .

Minimalist Kitchen Floor Photo

Tren Minimalist Kitchen Design Idea


perhaps in the interior design of your old kitchen cabinets models still use a shelf above the cooking equipment ? If you want to increase the visual space of your kitchen , consider removing the closet on the top shelf , leaving only the following is the right choice . This frees up the walls to add color , and you will be surprised how modern feel of your kitchen cabinets so the top has been removed . Read also Minimalist Beautiful Kitchen Model .

Traditional Kitchen Design Picture

Modern Minimalist Simple Design


paint your kitchen with a more modern color , you may have a feel for how the effect of changing the color of the walls of the room in a residence . This is also true for the kitchen , so try re- doing your kitchen coloring while doing kitchen decor . Use bright colors or use a more modern mix of colors and bold contrasts .

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