Multifungtional Furniture For Home

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 - Furniture, Interior, Tips
Minimalist Home Sound System

In previous article (Read more on Multifungtional Items), you have known some items to use in your house. Of course, there are many other things you can use for your house. Here are the other Multifungtional Furniture For Home you can use in your house.

1. Sound system that doesn’t spend space

Minimalist modern multi function sound system design. If there is no room to put your speakers or sound system at same room, you don’t need to worry. If you do not have a sound system like the Geneva Sound System Model XS which is visible in the photo, you can design your own and call the electronics expert or a handyman service for electronics manufacture.

Black Sound System Design

2. Wall pocket

Minimalist modern multi function wall pocket design. A pocket on the wall like this is very practical for storage of paper files, newspapers, magazines and so on. you can design and install your own, it is very easy and simple, but also multi-functional.

Trend Minimalist Wall Pocket

3. Book container

Minimalist modern multi function book container design. Container models for magazine, newspaper, or book made ​​of wood like this is also very multi-functional. You can make it on the board with a few modifications to make it more easy to do.

Awesome Wall Book Container

4. Stack chairs

Minimalist modern multi function stack chair design. Chair models that can be stacked like this are the recommended furniture to use in tight spaces. When you need to sit, you can take it off one by one. When they are not used, you can pile in the corner of the room.

Chair Design for Minimalist Room

Modern Minimalist Stack Chairs

5. Wall Box which can be used as bicycle parking

Minimalist modern multi function wall box design. It is also one of unique furniture designs. It is a furniture made of the arrangement of board which are placed on the wall. This is multi-functional. Just look at every detail and you may be able to estimate what kind of thing you can put there. At the bottom of the hook you can park your bicycle.

Multifungtional Wall Box Design

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