Square Foyer Lighting Fixture for Modern Room

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You are totally wrong if you think that chandelier or many lighting fixtures are mostly meant for classic house. Some time ago we may meet many chandeliers which are made with classic look. However, as the time goes by, now we have more varied choices of lighting fixtures; both for classic or modern house. One of many modern lighting fixture for contemporary house is the Square Foyer Lighting Fixture.

Square Foyer Lighting for Modern Room

Foyer lighting is worth your consideration because once people walk into your house, this will be the thing that take their attention. If you install random lighting in your foyer, it means that you are creating bad impression for your guests. On the contrary, beautiful and stunning foyer lighting fixture will fascinate your guests at the first place. So, when they are entering your house, they will have a good impression about your house.

Square foyer lighting fixture is a kind of chandelier which is made with modern look in square. At a glance it looks like pendant lighting which is usually used in the kitchen. However, the lighting for your foyer looks more like a chandelier in square model. This is so modern and if you fancy the beauty, you can choose the one which is decorated with some pattern or even colors. Don’t feel doubt to choose the lighting which is different. As long as the beauty goes in line with your preference, you can have it for your foyer. Yet, when you choose foyer lighting, make sure that you adjust the size of the lighting with the condition and also the size of your room. An installation of big lighting fixture in a small house will look weird and the vice versa. In addition, pay attention to the color of the lighting fixture that you choose because the color harmony in a room is a must!