Things to Build Healthy Home You Must Know

Monday, October 9th, 2017 - Exterior, Interior, Tips
Living Room For Health House

If you are confused to build a healthy home for your family. Here are the Things to Build Healthy Home You Must Know:
Building materials
1. Made ​​of materials which can’t release substances which can endanger the health
2. Made ​​of materials which can’t development and growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Components of healthy house should meet these biological and physical requirements, as follows:
1. The floor is easy to clean and watertight
2. Wall:
• In the living room and the bedroom are equipped with ventilation
• In the bathroom and washing facilities must be easy to clean and watertight

Bedroom Ventilation Design Idea

3. Ceiling must be not prone to accidents and easy to clean
4. Tube of house that has 10 meters high or more should be equipped with lightning protection.
5. Room in the house must be arranged to function as a family room, living room, kitchen, shower room, dining room, children’s playroom, and bedrooms.
6. The kitchen should be equipped with facility of exhaust fumes.

Multifungtion Room Design Idea

Minimalist Clean White Ceiling For Healthy Home

Lighting .

A healthy home should also receive sufficient light supply. The lack of light that enters the house will make it easier for germs to multiply in your home. But do not overdo it because it can dazzle your eyes and can cause damage to your eyes. Artificial or natural lighting indirectly or directly, to illuminate all parts of the room should not dazzling and at least 60 lux intensity. Read also Build Healthy Homes For Family .

Home Living Room Lighting Idea

Modern Healthy Black And White Bedroom

Minimalist Healthy Home Office Design Image

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Air Quality.
A good air quality for indoor should meet these following requirements:
1. SO2 gas concentration is below 0.10 ppm/24 hours
2. Formaldehyde gas concentrations is below 120 mg/m3
3. CO gas concentration is below 100 ppm/8 hours
4. Comfortable air temperature in range between l8 ° C – 30 ° C
5. Air humidity in range between 40 % – 70 %
6. Air exchange

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