Timeless Shabby Chic Home Decor for Living Room

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Home decor always changes from time to time. Once you apply a home design for your house, then the next time you may feel that you need to change it due to the trend. However, if you change your house design every time a new trend appears, you will not meet the end. It means that you should do that for the whole life; don’t you feel tired and boring? Well, shabby chic home decor is a home decor which offers you timeless beauty that will not fade even though many trends appear every day. It will not be out of date because shabby is the color that can fits for ages.

Timeless Shabby Chic Home Decor

Among many rooms in your house, living room is the one that can be decorated by Shabby Chic Home Decor for Living Room. To begin, let us talk about the sofa first. Since we are applying shabby, so, you can choose shabby too for the sofa. The room will be more stunning if you can choose large and wide sofa. This is because the sofa will become the center of attention in your living room. As we know that shabby living room is identical with a cozy place that offers warmness. That is why large and wide shabby sofa will be the best choice for you. Since you use wide and large sofa, you have to use many cushions or pillows to balance the look of the room. If you use many pillows, the room will look warmer and also more inviting.

After you are done with the sofa, now we should decorate the window. For it use large shabby curtain. This will complete the theme of shabby chic home decor in your living room. If you want to get a total shabby room, you better install wooden flooring instead of tile or other kinds of flooring. This will create classic look combined with warmness and also cuteness.