Tips on Using Color in the Bedroom

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 - Bedroom, Interior, Tips
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The colors which are applied in a bedroom are able to form the impression accordance with the character of each of those colors. Choose The Bedroom Right Color for you to apply in your bedroom so as to bring out the nuances as desired.

Of course the color used should be comfortable so that you will be more comfortable when spending time in it. Here are the colors and character to the bedroom .


Black is a color that is independent and mysterious. Commonly used as a black line, meaning a boundary line or lines attests. So do not make black as the dominant color in the room, because it was too dark. Apply black as an accent color . The black color should not be used in the child’s bedroom.

Paint Wall Designs for a Bedroom


Red is suitable as an accent color, to give the impression of bright and energetic. This color should not serve as the main color but more fitting if you choose to accent that will make the bedroom look more attractive. So, if you want to apply the red color, note the selection of tones and room space. Red gives narrower effect, it will look dramatic when combined with colors that do not stand out like white, beige, and light yellow. Read also Charming Classic Bedroom Design .

Red White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Red Paint Wall Designs for a Bedroom


This color is a suitable choice for boys bedrooms. It has cheerful aura, far from being feminine is the generated impression. It is suitable to apply to room of boy who liked to be practical and tend to move dynamically. It seem manly but still soft to the eye. The color orange can also reflect a masculine personality. See also Romantic Bedroom Model.

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Minimalist Orange Bedroom Design


Pink color, which is very dominant, giving the impression of fresh and soft. Apply with ” wall to wall ” furniture to make the room look neat and modern. Rooms with this color is suitable for a little princess dear as soft and feminine characteristics. But to make it is not too monotonous, orange color can be applied as an accent to appear more fresh and cheerful.

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